General Contractors

Site Developers


Wilcox Excavating Construction Company, Inc. and its various divisions provide a wide range of services to meet your general contracting, project management and site development needs.  Check out our divisions below and visit our 'Projects' page to see just some of the work we have completed over the last 34 years.
General Contracting:
When Wilcox is called early on in the development process, we specialize in value engineering - for both building and sites - to assist in meeting all design requirements while remaining at or below budget.

- Coordinating pre-construction requirements for Town/City, Architects,     Engineers, and Developers.
- Securing top quality subcontractors for all necessary scopes of work
- Assuring OSHA compliance by all personnel on the site.
- Communicating necessary information and updates to all 
   parties including Owner/Developer, Architect, Engineer, Town Officials,     Subcontractors, and Suppliers.

Construction Management:
Coordinating all aspects of your building project including coordination between the General Contractor, Architect, Engineer and Town/City Officials.  

- Managing of all Construction Financing.
- Coordinating all Construction Trades.
- Ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget.
Site Development:
Our expertise and experience in site development spans a 34 year period. During that time, we have supplied our customers with the following types of work in an efficient, expert and timely manner.

- Drainage piping and structures including some of the most
   complex designed structures for on-site storm drainage systems.
- Utility installation - water mains, laterals, and appurtenances;
   sewer mains, laterals, and structures; septic systems; excavation for
   gas and electrical services.
- Cuts/fills per designed plans for even the most complex cut and
   fill requirements for those sites that are difficult to develop.  
- Grading site per plans and specs.
- Preparing structural and paving bases, for buildings, parking lots
   and concrete structures.
- Site finishes including paving, all types of curbing, site concrete
   and landscaping.
- Site demolition (tree removal, debris removal and any other
   pre-work that is required to get the site ready to develop).
- Experience with large-scale blasting and rock excavation
- Retaining walls of various designs and styles to heights over 30 feet.
- Contaminated, hazardous and unsuitable soil remediation.
Building Demolition:

- Coordinating of all permitting for complete building demolition.
- Coordinating of all environmentally hazardous or unsuitable
   material abatement and disposal to a certified site.
- Coordinating all Town/City utility disconnection requirements.
- Demolition of building and hauling away of debris to an
   appropriate disposal facility.
- Prepare demolition area for site development.